Free Tutorials

Following many requests the Chocolate Strawberry has produced some simple tutorials for you to try at home.
This section also contains some free tutorials and decorating tips.

Lettering Made Easy

A guide to help you produce a clean, crisp finish using Letters Tappits. No more stretched and…


Striped Icing Tutorial

For cupcakes and details, such as bunting flags. Create fun striped fondant to give your cakes and…



A selection of tutorials for baking cakes and decorating them.  Pay by paypal and you will be send an email with the a link to download the pdf to your computer or device.

Hand Painting Daisies

7 photo-steps in this painting guide to help you produce a pretty daisy motif. Great…


Hand Painting Strawberries on Cakes

8 photo-steps in this painting guide to help you produce pretty strawberries. Perfect for Wimbledon…


Painting Peacock Feathers

19 photos in this simple step by step guide help you to paint beautiful feathers easily….


The Basics of Hand Painting on Cakes

A simple guide for those wanting to learn the basics of hand-painting on cakes. This…